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The Grandeur Mass,




The Grandeur Mass uses film taken in several different sites to create a fictional journey through what appears to be a single building, but is actually the result of footage from four different Town Halls in Deptford, Barking, Dagenham and Colchester. The identity of these superficially grand buildings has been distorted by their unsympathetic modernisation into standardised office spaces. The work seeks to unsettle and contradict an agreed comprehension of familiar architectural forms through the construction of a filmic and performative environment. The bringing together of film, performance and sculpture allows a fictional narrative to be formed, surrounding a transient place, not rooted in reality, but bearing a closer relationship to theatrical scenery. I invited the writer and performer Douglas Parks to respond to the work in the form of a text piece. This has been incorporated into the installation as a voice-over narrated by Anna Clover. Having not seen any of the sites to which the installation refers, Parks has made his response on the basis of the imaginary sense of place created by the film elements of ‘The Grandeur Mass’.

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