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Conflict Resolution.

European Commission, London, July 2013

Text performed by two speakers


Field wide growing from within

Flesh of a borderline.


Line, linear, drawn in the sand.


Grids of interference.


Abundant. Enterprising.


We are the many.

The individuals that value and shape pliant, malleable forms.


We are between sarcous territories, sliding one into the other.

Founders, illuminating corroborators.

Logos pressed into service.

Waving meaning dynamically.

Reason seekers,

open source prophets.


You are not a slave. You have a disinterested sense free will.


Power is ambivalent.

I disregard your adoration, your willingness.


Ideology as bedazzlement, as seduction.

lips apart, resistance relaxed.


Behind our bed there were all

the dead parts of us.

Hair, skin. We left your boxes there.


You present a dislocated sense irrationality.

I present areas of natural beauty

Entwined logistical states of authority

Borderlines play mind games.


Why do you find it so hard to commit to things?


An exchange of one thing for another.

To be offered for sale

To shop or buy regularly

To pass back and forth:

To surrender or sell.



We are plentiful wretches

Fragile enclaves surrounded by folds of flesh

Apart from the border land.


Take it on your tongue and suck.

The sweet limbo between your recesses and the open air.


I put it there between your teeth and jaw.


Landmass stretched tightly over

a smooth lip of an interference.

Toenails curled over the edge of a freehold.


She was rubbing a hand over the stubborn flesh of her lower abdomen.

Organization of flesh of nation state

Blow air into my mouth while I suck.


I engage regularly in open dialogue with stakeholders

You present rich ducts of resources,

We were 4 real.


Pillage this opportunity.

Your cultural instincts are correct.


Somnolent in aesthetically pleasing and laboured formations.


Trust is essential, an agreement was reached.


Without any attempt to limit the sovereignty which she enjoys in common with all other free nations.

Dust was caught in their raw throats.

We just grew apart,


I don't need you anymore.


Profits Prophets.



Counter normal,

Respond effectively to challenges,

Facilitate better co-operation


The limits of the frontier, a cadaver divided into discordant provinces.



She proved herself an asset to the company.


Apart from the land border

Bloated and alienate

Networks of flesh


Negotiations were put on hold.


Ilona Sagar 2013


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