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London Review of Books ​Tom White Bad Dust: On Asbestos Vol. 44 No. 14 · 21 July 2022
The Tribune - Social Care on Screen
London Review of Books  Serpentine North ‘Radio Ballads’ Vol. 44 No. 11 · 9 June 2022
Art Monthly 456: May 2022
Studio International April 2022
A show that affirms the transformative power of art - Evening Standard March 2022
Exhibition of the Week The Guardian March 2022
BBC Radio 3 - Arts & Ideas February 2022
Ocula Online 
2019 - 2020
Radical Philosophy Issue 2.08 (Autumn 2020)- Bodies in space On the ends of vulnerability - Marina Vishmidt 
The Suite (212) Sessions, no. 1 -  Juliet Jacques interviews Ilona Sagar 
The Tribune - Social Structures 
Art Monthly December 2019 
Sheffield Hallam University Press - Housing Imaginations: Peter Barber and Other Stories 
Pioneers in Peckham: Bauhaus Legacies in London - Decorating Dissidence
Our Favourite Places - Deep Structure 
Mapping Urban Form and Society - Park Hill and the architecture of community
Now Then Magazine 
2016 - 2018 
Frieze Oct 2018 - Designing Wellness: What Influence Does Architecture Have on Health?
Metropolis Magazine - When Architecture Became Healthy: Examining More than 100 Years of Design and Wellness
MAP Magazine - Glasgow International Review 2018
GAR - Self-Service 
Art Monthly July 2018 - Health Vs Wealth 
Art Monthly April 2018 - Art: A Suitable Case for Treatment? 
Apollo Magazine - The archival experiments of Ilona Sagar 
RIBA Journal - Healthy and Happy in Peckham 
MOMUS - No Measure of Health: Ilona Sagar Scans the Politics of Wellbeing
PORT magazine - Revisiting Peckham’s Radical Health Experiment
Its Nice That - Multimedia artist Ilona Sagar examines our uneasy relationship to public healthcare
This is Tomorrrow - Ilona Sagar: Correspondence O
Dazed Digital - The artist-run spaces in London to get to know
2011 - 2015 
Art Monthly April 2015 
Art Review - Haptic Skins of a Glass Eye
AQNB - Haptic Skins of a Glass Eye
AQNB - Self confidence + disempowerment
Wall Street International 
IS magazine 
Fad Magazine 
750 words a week
Traction Magazine
Dazed Digital - Artists to watch 2015
This is Tomorrow - Whats love got to do with it?
Candid Magazine
The Architectural Review (AR Magazine)
This is Tomorrow - Eupnea
The Positive
This is Tomorrow - Stop Look and Listen
This is Tomorrow - Peckham Tour
​AA Schools
Dazed and Confused Casio 30

Dazed Digital interview

Art Licks Issue 3
REVma interview


2007 - 2010

Jotta Interview


Hay-on-Wye Visual Arts Festival


Vogue Online


Frieze Online


Station Magazine

​Barbican London Design Festival
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