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Arcadian Drift

by Ilona Sagar and Adam Nathaniel Furman (2011)


This is our stage. We are the set.
It’s nothing without us.
It’s vibrant when we’re here,
and when we’re here
we’re buzzing.


We look distinctly contemporary,

And each look we get is spectacularly new.

We are dynamic creatives,

well-adjusted living, clean, modern simplicity.


We shine, Clean and new breath‐taking flagships of ourselves,

The bespoke measure of our many fashionable attributes,
bustling with world‐class authentic friction.


Nostalgic chic is the vintage new
And we want unique,
Disconnect of brushed steel
24‐hour red brick heritage,
plucked and fragrant.

A pure and natural home-baked innocence,

With graceful proportions and superb specifications

We have distinctly dramatic spectacular tranquillity,
Superbly packaged identity specifications,
And lush‐green dramatic schemes.


Pioneering bespoke culture of bright young things
With our bucolic cosmopolitan chic,

Watch us,
Watch you.

We are energized products of renowned home‐made
Elegant cafes,
and i‐phone footage catwalk parades,
In understated stated‐of‐the‐art.
It’s more than a feeling.


We glide dynamically into neatly packaged authentic cosmopolitan debt.

Featured in urban village galleries and ethnic sweatshop global magazines,

from the unrivalled creative glamour of emptied traditions.


We are the newly Arcadian creative,
Buzzing with world-class pastoral
Technology specifications,
Many fashionably homemade Café utopias,

radical cosmopolitan innocence,

spectacularly tranquil avant‐garde delights,

and brand new flagship heritage.

We are quick with the seductive anxiety of non‐stop 24‐hour reinvention, and vibrant contrasting exhaustion, running endlessly perfect bright young things with the burden of internationally renowned
bodies, wearing breath‐taking, cutting-edge, and distinctly urban culture.
We are acting the bespoke measure of our many trend‐setting spontaneous designer initiatives, and watching The buzz in urban village galleries That multiply our organic corner shop bike-repair innocence, until the dynamic creative mechanism is too anxiously energized with chic lifestyles and each look we get is exhausting and we feel, genuinely feel, spectacularly, really spectacularly, breathtakingly, dramatically


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