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Guest Projects Yinka Shonibare 10 Year Anniversary, London

Gloria is based on transcripts between noted psychiatrist and psychotherapist Fritz Perls and his infamous session with therapy client, Gloria, from the film "Three Approaches to Psychotherapy" (1964). Little is known of Gloria, not an actor but a client, she has become a mythic and fictionalised figure, decoded and continuously dissected within a film used as a teaching aid and historical archival record.


In his filmed interview with Gloria, Perls demonstrates Gestalt therapy techniques. A term he coined,

'Gestalt therapy', is an existential,

experiential form of psychotherapy that

emphasizes personal responsibility, and

that focuses upon the individual's

experience in the present moment, and

the self-regulating adjustments people

make as a result of their overall

situation. The voices mediated through

the body of the performer are caught in

an opaque, intriguing and morally

uncertain looping dynamic.

Performed by Maria Hildebrand

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