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Human Factors

Human Factors antagonises connection between language, hierarchies and bodily well-being through its manifestation in architecture and landscape. Although the film has no protagonist a central element of the film is a voice over. What the voice represents is abstruse, she is both lovers, landmasses, ruptured bodies, a union between political bodies.


I have made a 5min clip available on my website. For more information contact me directly.


If you are watching this on a computer, the film is best viewed with headphones.


Voice Over: Penelope McGhie 

Dancers: Phil Barton and Hayley Jones

Woman: Rhiannon Hughes

Sound Design: Patrick Burniston

Voice dub: Doug Haywood

Operator :  Ilona Sagar and Tom Nowell

Gaffer: Tom Nowell

With thanks to Art on the Underground


Hayward Gallery, London 
Extract, Duration 12,34 mins 
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