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Co-cum-col : Make Things Happen.

Tenderpixel Gallery 2013

‘Co-, com-, col-: Make things happen’ is a durational piece performed by an actor, myself and visitors to the gallery within a flexible architectural ‘stage’.  Two posters instruct: “Ring the Bell to edit the text”, “Blow the whistle to repeat the action”. All participants can follow these instructions. A text is written over the course of the exhibition and functions as a self-contained work and as a platform for discussion between the many contributors. The live piece addresses the value of a performing body and uses the actor as a vehicle to question the current conditions of artistic production in relation to new forms of labour in the present economic climate.  Is the artist a role model for the contemporary "post-fordian", ‘worker-flexible’, ‘cheap-a-creative’ entrepreneur within the current service economy? Using rhetoric and ideological language, the piece is constantly shifted by the opinions of the audience, artist and performer.

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